About Us

Is your family outgrowing your home, or are you getting ready to enter the market for the first time? Whether you are either Real Estateof these or just want to sell up, enlist the help of Fountain real estate. We have the experience and know-how from a technical and an emotional standpoint. We understand that buying and selling are not just “transactions” but filled with emotions. It can be like the most exhilarating roller coaster, or one you never want to ride again. Fountain real estate understands how to take the fear out of it while helping clients make the most of the experience. We provide consulting to all buyers and sellers we represent. We are not about ego, but about sharing our expertise, knowledge, honesty and integrity to ensure our clients achieve their desired results. Our number one goal is to establish a respectful and trusting relationship with our clients. We have known we are refreshingly different from the competition because our clients tell us the horror stories of their last purchase or sale, and how scared they are. We establish trust and use our knowledge and expertise to navigate for you.

Real EstateWhat We Do in Real Estate

We do it all, actually. Whether you need help with selling or buying a building (commercial real estate) or want to unload or buy a home (residential), or are looking to buy or sell the rural property, we provide those services. We are more than that, though. We also provide property management. We have endured the test of time. Part of our success is in having a future-focused attitude, along with a people-centered delivery. It’s so simple that we do not know why all other realtors have not caught onto honesty and integrity.
We know that the selling and buying are easy. The true focus is on ensuring that our clients’ needs and wishes are fulfilled in the process. All of our people are trained to be professional people persons, via training. Our training is second to none. We teach our professionals first and foremost to establish a personal relationship with clients. It works and it makes better outcomes for all parties.

Programs That Work

We have a proprietary system that’s on the cutting edge to offer research, marketing, and technological tools. Together we provide a team approach that succeeds.